Monday, June 2, 2014

Mixed Media

Before this project I had never really done anything like it. Mixed media is such a different concept for me and it was kind of difficult for me to see the things that I should or shouldn't include in the piece. For this piece the theme was to do something of fear, fantasy, or amusement and I chose fear and fantasy. I used a nightmare that I used to have when I was a little kid as inspiration. Where as my piece looks nothing like the dream I remember it has some of the similar concepts. The dream was of a dead forest with a bloody man standing in the middle where as in this piece there are different kinds of trees and instead of the bloody man there is a bloody doll, I chose a doll because dolls are also very creepy and it's a sort of fantasy for the doll to come to life and bleed. From this project I learned about the beauty that artwork can hold when incorporating different elements from looking around at other classmates. My initial idea didn't really plan out as I intended it to, so I think I could have worked a little harder on creating the trees and bring the doll more to life. I think I totally could have done better with the whole composition, but it turned out not too bad. Well in my opinion. 

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