Tuesday, March 11, 2014


At the beginning of this project I had begun working on some ideas such as leaves and trees but in the end I decided to go with a lava lamp because I thought it would be something different and it would clearly depict the theme of scientific because of the use of electricity and light. While in class we worked with many types of mediums such as pencil, pen, and charcoal. I thought the mini lessons were very helpful in the development of this project because it helped me understand the importance of contrast and value. The mini lessons also helped me exercise my skill specially when working with the spheres and bottles. Contrast, I think, is a vital part of a work of art to make it appear more realistically. I used contrast by making the checkerboard tile very dark and making the rest like the lava lamp and the background much lighter. I decided to work with pencil on this project because for me it was the easiest and the one I had more experience with. I also enjoy working with pencil and it let me more room for mistakes than the pen and the charcoal. Plus, I think that charcoal is very messy and hard to work with. All throughout my artwork I used lines, these helped me get the contour of the lava lamp and also the shape of the bubbles in the lava lamp. With this project I didn't have much risks. Firstly, I was working with pencil which gave me the chance to erase any mistakes and create either darker or lighter values much easier. I tried to create the lava lamp as symmetrical as possible and also the checkerboards. The only risk, in the beginning, was leaving the page too blank. In the beginning I was only planning on drawing the lava lamp but it definitely looked empty, so in the very end I thought of adding the checkerboard which was a great idea because not only did it fill some of the blank space, but it also draws the a person's focus to the lamp. Overall I really enjoyed this project and was very satisfied with the end result. I enjoyed working with pencil and gladly I had an eraser because at times it would smear. In the end the positives outweighed the negatives and it ended up being a decent piece of artwork. I was honestly surprised at how well it turned out, well that being my opinion.

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